Why would it be advisable for me to book with Prestige Phuket?

Below are the reasons Prestige Phuket is one of the best booking platforms for Holiday Rentals in Phuket:

-Prestige Phuket has a team that is experienced and who has gladly met, talked and checked that all the property highlighted are 100% genuine and accessible to book.

-We are here 24 hours and 7 days seven days to answer your inquiries before, amid and even after your stay.

-We cherish answering inquiries and helping our clients simply send us a message and you will see.

-We are based locally in Phuket and have created amazing relationships. We have arranged the best rates and the most moderate and lavish properties on the island.

-We have the biggest choice of exclusive confirmed properties’ in Phuket.

-We have a protected and secure online booking and payment alternatives, partnering with the foremost payment portal, Payoneer.

-Our website is kept routinely updated with the most recent estimate and availability so we spare you a long stretch of time scanning for the right accessible property.

-We are the only platform that really caters for holiday rentals in Phuket, regardless of whether you’re staying for 3 days, 3 weeks or 3 months – we have correct costs and properties all on the web!

How Would I Book a Property with Prestige Phuket?

Step 1: You can check online at PrestigePhuket.com utilizing our advanced search filter, you can choose a location you desire, price range, kind of property, and various filters to locate your optimal property.

Step 2: Once you have found the perfect property you need, basically enter your dates, number of visitors, and send us a message. We then affirm every one of the points of interest and that your dates are 100% accessible.

Step 3: Once everything is affirmed – a Prestige Phuket travel specialist will send you an invoice the payment to hold the property; this will be done as a bank transfer to the property proprietor or paid utilizing your Visa/Credit/Check card by means of Payoneer.

Step 4: Soon after, you will get the full booking affirmation details for your stay including the correct property venue, the property proprietor/chiefs name and the details of his/her contact.

Step 5: Please don’t hesitate to contact the proprietor or us with any very late inquiries or uncommon solicitations you may have.

Last Stride 6: Travel to Phuket and make the most of your lovely holiday on this heaven island.

If you need help at any of these stages – we want to help – please, add us on Whatsapp/Viber or send us a message.

Is reserving with Prestige Phuket safe?

We have a registered organization and offices in Surin, Phuket, Thailand. Our organization permit number is 0835560001646 – please don’t hesitate to check the official government webpage in the event that you require further confirmation – Please check for Department of Business Development website in Thailand – search under Prestige Phuket Co Ltd business name.

We have office in Phuket and a group of people locally that answer the telephone and are effortlessly contactable all through a search, booking and keeping in mind that you are would be staying whether just for a couple of days or a couple of years!

We additionally utilize the globally recognized payment platform, Payoneer so your cash is genuinely secured. We just take half (50%) on the first payment* and send you the proprietor and property managers’ details, so you feel 100% good. We have a huge amount of testimonials and review including our Google+ page and on Reseller Ratings reviews.

We have coverage in media and see ourselves as to have the best customer relation in SE Asia! No truly, we do – message us now to discover.

How Would I Pay?

We take all payments safely either by means of our company’s bank account; you can likewise pay the cash directly to the proprietor or online with your credit/charge card via our payment partner world’s number 1 payment platform Payoneer (additional expenses are incurred). At times we request that visitors pay Property Proprietors and Administrators directly, this spares time, cash and significant serenity for both sides.

Kindly Note: you do not need to have a Payoneer account, you just simply enter any credit or debit card no into the payment window provided on our payment page and it just takes one min to finish the procedure.

Does Prestige Phuket charge the Visitor any fee?

We don’t charge any additional expenses or charges like different operators and online platforms. There are no shrouded expenses or included expenses – the aggregate cost is the aggregate value you pay. By booking with us you are additionally secured by various unrivaled services: Genuine feelings of serenity with our Prestige Phuket guaranteed security – we cover your reserving for up to $5000 on any bookings in the event of issues. We can likewise help book anything you require this incorporates and not constrained Visits, Outings, Auto or Bicycle Rentals, Massages, Private Cook and so forth. Prestige Phuket Customer Relations are likewise at your service, amid and after your stay. Text us, call us, skype, us, meet us – we are available and know Phuket well!

What are the terms of Payment

We require half payment forthright to secure the booking and reserve the property. The other half is paid no less than 2 months before the arrival date. On the off chance that your reserving is after 2 months preceding your arrival date the full 100% payment is required to affirm the booking. In the event that you would be staying for longer periods (more than 4 weeks) we do offer a more extended term payment plan to suit to you.

If it’s not too much trouble take note of: Every individual property proprietor do have their own particular terms, in spite of the fact that we attempt to keep to these strict payment conditions we can be adaptable, and this is on a case by case premise.

What is the cost of leasing a private accommodation?

All expenses are incorporated, and the aggregate sum is deliberately ascertained for you. This dependably includes taxes and service charges. Every property has diverse pleasantries and things included, for example, air terminal transfer – please read every page precisely to affirm what is and excluded. It would be ideal if you read every property page precisely before making a booking. The main additional thing you ought to pay for at the villa is the security deposit. On the off chance that you utilize additional services, for example, food, massages, tours or outings you should pay the property proprietors or their separate managers directly.

How much is the security Deposit?

The security deposit is normally a settled sum contingent upon the property proprietor. The esteem is more often than not between $100 up to a couple of thousand. It is utilized as a certification in the improbable occasion any harms or breakages occur at the property. Some property proprietors utilize it to cover additional services that are bought while at the villa, for example, staff purchasing food and beverages.

It would be ideal if you take note of: All of our property proprietors are prepared and confirmed landowner and property administrators – so we can guarantee you they give back all deposit in when you’re leaving (minus any expenses that happened and make sure they agree this figure with you).

How would we pay the security deposit?

The security store can normally be paid either previously by bank transfer or on entry in cash. Sometimes the proprietors do acknowledge any major currency, albeit please double check with us or the property proprietor before arrival. Kindly note a few proprietors will ask for security deposit to be paid before checking in.

What are alternate charges or additional services we ought to know?

In a few properties, there are additional charges these can incorporate electricity charges, water bills, ordering and making of food and drinks and furthermore additional administrations, for example, gourmet specialist, airplane terminal exchanges, cleaning specialists’ services and so forth. The vast majority of our property pages unmistakably disclose to you which of these administrations are incorporated and which are additional expenses. If you don’t mind, inquire if you are uncertain or need to double check – get in touch with us connect.

Do you offer rebates?

While the vast majority of the properties are settled costs, a few properties are glad to offer rebates. These are commonly for bookings which are 7 days or more. In the event that you see a property which is marginally out of your financial plan, kindly don’t waver to get in touch with us with your offer and we would be glad to check whether this offer is adequate by the proprietor or then again we will offer you another at the value you want to pay.

How is the pricing computed shown?

All costs are cited for the use of the whole property. A few costs are cited given the number of rooms you used. For instance, if you are looking for a 4 bedroom manor, a property proprietor of a 6 bedroom might have the capacity to offer you utilization of their 4 bedrooms at a decreased every day cost to suit you.

Note: if you booked for a particular no of bedrooms amount other bedrooms will be bolted and the property won’t leased to any other individual.

What is the minimum stay at the properties?

There is no specific minimum stay at all of the properties; a large portion of the properties have a minimum stay that ranges between 3-10 days – relying upon the season. When searching on our site in the event that you don’t pick the right minimum days the individual property web page will either not be shown or will inform you that you have to expand your selection of minimal days of stay.

What number of individuals can stay at the property?

Every property page unmistakably expresses the greatest number of visitors permitted to remain in every property. For some situation there is an alternative to include additional beds/visitors, in spite of the fact that this must be obviously conveyed to the property proprietors before appointments – generally, an additional charges will be brought about, or access to the property will be denied.

How are the property costs figured?

We have entered particular rates for every day costs, reduced week after week costs and marked down month to month costs our website has an exceptional calculator to ensure you generally get the exact costs offered, regardless of whether you are staying for a couple of days or a couple of month to month over various seasonal costs – we have fabricated our platform to oblige this – and ensure we give you the most precise costs as could reasonably be expected. If you need to talk about anything to do with our costs of our properties, please send us a message.

Can we add additional visitor to stay?

Yes with a portion of the properties you can include additional visitors, despite the fact that not all. There will for the most part be an additional cost which is either said on the property web page or  please email us with your request.

Is every one of your properties alright for kids?

Most the properties are alright for children of any age, albeit some have pools, cliff edges, wet stairs and different things that require additional care. We prescribe taking additional care – in spite of the fact that we do ask you to deliberately read the portrayal and inquire as to whether there are any questions or inquiries. Numerous properties do likewise provide for baby beds and different accessories – please send an inquiry to us for more information.

Are chefs and meals incorporated into every one of the properties?

In various properties, the chef is incorporated into the cost. Regularly meals are charged at an additional cost, here and there this can be up to 20% charge – please ensure you check and read every property page to comprehend what is and is excluded.

Do the properties give a housekeeping, materials and towels?

For short period rentals the vast majority of properties accessible on Prestige Phuket is completely overhauled and gives house-cleaning services including providing crisp materials and towels within the showed cost. Once in a while it will be each day other times it would only be provided just once per week. For a longer term rental, there will be an additional charge for house-keeping and cleaning services.

Is Wifi accessible in every one of the properties?

These days, about the greater part of the properties, accompany Wifi included all through the property. This is demonstrated in the amenities section area on every property page.

Do all properties incorporate airport transfer?

There are a few properties that do incorporate airport transfer getting and drop off to Phuket international airport terminal. This will dependably be determined on the property page. On the off chance that it is not accessible either our team or the property proprietors can help you arrange for this.

It would be ideal if you note: A large portion of the properties are in rural areas that not all cab drivers know the location – it is in this manner sometimes prescribed to utilize the property proprietors suggested drivers (regardless of the possibility that the cost is marginally more). Additionally remember there is a taxi organization that provides service to any individual who comes out from Phuket International Airport terminal. Charges begin from around 500 baht for a 4-seater auto relying upon where you  are going and they usually know all the major places in Phuket.

Are the photographs and descriptions right on every one of the properties?

All the photographs have been given by the property proprietors and director and have been affirmed and checked. We have visited most the properties we publicize. If it’s not too much trouble take note of: a portion of the property pictures utilized are for comparable units in a similar building and the quality, style and format will be the same. It will plainly be specified if the photos are not precisely for the property appeared.

What legalities or contract terms do I have to know about?

When booking your property, every individual property proprietor has their own terms and conditions. Despite that fact read over every property page and look at the core bits of information to maintain a strategic distance from issues or additional charges:

  1. Check-In and Check-Out times – (Regularly the circumstances for check-in is after 2pm and check-out is before 12:00pm however its prudent to double check and maintain a strategic distance from additional charges)
  2. Cancellation Policies – ensure in case of emergency the cancellation policy is mentioned and understood.
  3. Charges for additional visitors – most property approve of additional visitors staying over their maximum number specified – please enquire from the property owner and tell them first.
  4. Security Deposit – this fluctuates greatly between various properties – a few proprietors ask for this to be paid before check-in and other approve of paying this on arrival Prestige Phuket acts as a platform for booking, and the agreement is between you and the property proprietor. It will be ideal if you ensure you have perused and comprehended these terms before booking. By and large, a rental contract is conveyed, albeit a few proprietors don’t ask for one to be signed however you can ask for one from us/them.

What are the cancellation and refund charges?

In the improbable occasion the proprietor cancels your booking, a full refund will be offered back to the visitors within a couple of days. In the occasion the visitor cancels, there are distinctive cancellation policies for every property. In some cases, the guest will forfeit all the money paid for the booking although in some circumstances a full refund will be given. This information is provided on each property page and within your rental contract that is emailed to you. Be that as it may we do attempt to check with every property proprietor and demand for a full refund where ever possible.

Imperative Note: Please ensure you are completely prepared before making a booking to stay away from any issues.

Why would it be better for me if I utilize an agent?

There are various reasons to use a local real estate broker:

  • Nitty gritty information of properties available to be purchased – spares time looking.
  • Top to bottom market information of neighborhood.
  • Point by point knowledge of rental costs and returns expected.
  • Solid and long-standing associations with the proprietors – which can help when during negotiations.
  • Advertising channels to draw in sellers – a network of agents to take advantage of.
  • Help you carry out viewings.
  • Comprehension of the purchasing procedure and legalities.
  • Local referrals, for example, legal counselors, buildings, and maintenance organizations.
  • Guidance from a Professional.


What should I be anticipating from an agent?

Why should you use an agent, below is what you ought to expect of an agent:

  • Unprejudiced, unbiased counsel.
  • Honesty especially amid the negotiation.
  • Unrivaled knowledge of the market.
  • Strong on job experience.
  • Critical thinking capacities.
  • Somebody who listens, comprehends and shows or discloses to you what you require.

Is it safe to purchase property in Phuket?

Purchasing a property in Phuket is as safe as anywhere else on the planet provided you do full due diligence and verifications. Regardless of whether you are purchasing from a local or an established developer, all documentations must be accessible and other paperwork to bolster the deal is handed over to you or your legal counselor to review. It is principal you have a decent legal advisor, ideally somebody who comes profoundly recommended and who knows the landscape well and what documents is required. They ought to unmistakably communicate to you what checks are done and shows you all the documents (regardless of whether it is in Thai or English) as verification. You have to ensure the land title whether you are purchasing Leasehold or Freehold is valid for the property and if it is registered with the Land Registry.

You may likewise need to beware of your Chanote, Tor Dok or Tok Nok 1 – precisely where the property proprietorship lines are and have it authoritatively studied and checked by a professional. There are scary stories about things that have happened despite that fact that the Phuket property market has developed to an agony free affair and has ensured international and local purchasers are protected to purchase and sell property here securely.

What do I have to search for when purchasing a property?

Everything relies on upon the reason you are purchasing; ordinarily, purchasers can be divided into three primary classifications, purchasing to live in, purchase to Let (for investment), and purchase to lease then a chance to live in (holiday home or retirement home)

There are inquiries any homeowner or investor ought to get some information about such as location, transportation, how far is the beach, nearby shops, eateries, access to roads and taxi services and extensive amenities in and around the property.

Within the property they have likewise to take a look at these:

  • Age of property – is there wear and tear and breaks appearing after just a brief timeframe?
  • Any water harm?
  • Do every one of the taps and pipe functions well?
  • Has the property been entirely kept up and maintained i.e. Air Condition system, swimming pool, washrooms?
  • Is the drainage effective? (It rains at Phuket rain throughout certain times in the year)
  • Who lived there previously?
  • What materials were utilized to build the house (if it is wood, has it been changed or painted as of late?)
  • What is really inclusive in the deal? – furniture, apparatuses, gadgets, and so forth.
  • Yearly maintenance charge or expected running expenses
  • Sinking fund/normal charges
  • What is the best property to put resources into?

At last this all relies on upon what you are searching for, short-term rental return versus capital appreciation or a mix of both. For smaller units, studios, 1 and 2 beds are valued moderately contrasted with other international markets. The costs begin from around 1.9M Baht and are around 60,000 – 150,000 baht for each sq meter contingent upon the area. Beachfront versus hillside can have a tremendous effect in cost however both can yield as high 10-12% in return. The market now does offer a wide and different scope of properties, many spots at the low end, medium end and top of the line. The rental market here in Phuket is developing and hinting at no backing off soon, particularly with the new air terminal being finished and more than 14Million vacationers anticipated that would go through it in 2020.

The manors if outfitted and embellished effectively kept up well and incorporates other extravagance services are also offering an incredible profit for your investment and furthermore utilized as a holiday home consistently all year round. These are encountering around 6-8% yearly return. Remember the high season time frame is from November until February, so this is the place a large portion of the islands property proprietor are getting a major infusion of rental money. That being stated, in the event that you value your property ideal for different periods in the year and utilize the right advertising channels you will profit from high occupancy all year, a few proprietors are revealing up to 80% a year.

Do I require a legal advisor?

Regardless of whether you are seasoned property proprietor or first-time purchaser having a legal advisor, who comprehend the landscape, legalities and necessities is emphatically prompted. Many individuals run businesses here and have experience in the purchasing and selling of a wide range of property, business, retail, residential and land. We would encourage you to go to somebody who comes highly recommended, and who has been here for a long time and who can convey and answer every one of your inquiries rapidly, certainly and precisely.

So eventually yes, you do require a legal counselor to guarantee you are completely protected. Somebody who has met all requirements to manage any issues or inquiries that may come up when purchasing property as a foreigner.

Does it make any sense me to purchase a finished property or off-plan property?

This again comes down to the reason you are purchasing. The primary reason individuals purchase off-plan property is that the developers offer a lessened offering cost as the property is not yet finished, so this can mean you spare a vast sum as opposed to purchasing a finished property. The inconvenience of this is your property may get deferred so be prepared and double check with developers to see the progress they are making and expect a date when it will be finished. A couple of different things to keep an eye on when purchasing off-plan property include:

  • The quality of materials utilized
  • Delays in handing over
  • Snagging or imperfections in the property
  • Blocked views from other structures
  • The possibility of other construction or development nearby
  • Accessibility to the property


What would it be advisable for me to pay a commission?

The seller usually pays the commission. There might be different charges that you need to pay – please observe our purchase guides.

How would I know I am getting a decent deal?

There are always decent bargains out there. You have to join forces with the right broker, make an inquiry, and never be reluctant to provide an offer (even a low one) or negotiate hard on a property you have found. Remember most developers and property proprietors are interested in reasonable offers and are used to getting low ones, so discover the value you feel is right and disclose to them you are prepared to pay rapidly.

Likewise glance around and see what different developments or properties in the areas nearby are sold for, the sizes, locations, and amenities and begin developing a smart thought of the costs per sq meter properties are.

There is additionally another extraordinary reason to partner with a decent local, once in a while the costs individuals are requesting and the costs they are offering for are unique. A local agent ought to recognize what has as of late sold and for how much – and can give you advice on what a good deal is. It is worth asking the dealer for what valid reason they are selling – on the off chance that you have a spurred seller who has genuine wishes or who needs the cash to support another venture for instance – you can be assured that there is a deal to be struck that keeps both sides cheerful.

What is the normal profit I can get for my property?

Location, quality, furnishing, flexibilities in rental prices are all key elements to deciding the normal return. Finding an extraordinary quality property in a profoundly desirable location, can be useful for returns for both lease and expanding in sale price over the years. Everything boils down to how well you look into the market. With a portion of the smaller units, there are 8-10% rental returns accessible. Throughout the years with the expansion in rental costs, these profits are set to increase. There are additionally some great luxury villas that are netting an incredible and stable rental income; these are once in a while adjusted with maintenance and the time invested into keeping up and repairing the property, despite this fact you can anticipate up to  6-8% rental profit depending on where you are purchasing.

Can a foreigner get finance on a property in Phuket?

Various banks do offer money to experts and foreigners purchasing property in Thailand. Not everybody can get acknowledged for these loans as the banks have strict prerequisites, especially about salaries and income – it is worth reaching a couple of them to discover their individual necessities and charges before viewing or acquiring property. Numerous developers do likewise offer financing at low interest rates, some for shorter periods and others up to 5-10 years. These are not promoted, but once you begin making the correct inquiries, you may end up getting exceptionally ideal payment terms agreed with a developer.

I possess a property, how would I list my property with Prestige Phuket?

The Prestige Phuket Company is based here in Phuket, we have a strict policy of talking to and/or meet with each property proprietor before we list their property on our website. We do this for three reasons:

  • To check you are the proprietor or have the rights to advertise and oversee availability and bookings.
  • The property is genuine and as depicted and looks the same as the photographs issued.
  • To open up a line of correspondence so we can send and discuss enquiries, bookings and offers with you.

On the off chance that you want to discuss listing us at no cost – we would love to converse with you – please send us a message here with every of your details to info@prestigephuket.com, or call us on +66 62 505 55 00, or submit your property right now so we will have a chance to know more about your property before our meeting.

How simple is it to sell property in Phuket?

Anything can be sold in the event that it is at the right price. In the event that your property is in an alluring area, constructed well, designed and kept up appropriately there ought to be no reason behind why you can’t sell it.

How would I value my home?

It is central to work with professional in the market, who can help you recognize the cost of your property. Normally a decent local broker with experience of the territory and what the properties are really selling for, can assist you do this. On the other hand converse with developers or individuals who have as of late built and sold properties inside the environment where your house is situated. They can guide you with the normal price per square meter being offered in your area.

Do remember every property is distinctive, having direct access to a beach and pool can make the property worth essentially more than those who do not have these, so make certain to do a thorough examination, when valuing your home.

Do I require somebody to assess my property first?

Every property is genuinely unique and can’t be valued precisely the same. The main genuine approach to see the value or welcome the excellence of a property is to completely assess them or have an expert do that for you. By giving somebody a chance to review your property they can recognize wear and tear or things you may need to improve to increase your odds of selling. They will likewise perceive how style and furniture can make a place feel homely and more attractive to potential purchasers.

We would emphatically advice you to show and give many individuals the guided visit, so they know and can offer your property to the best of their capacity.

Is there anything I have to do before selling?

There are various checks you ought to do before giving anybody a chance to see the property you want to offer.

  • Look out for any tear and wear on the property and repair where vital.
  • Check for things that need replacement, repainting, (for example, old wood and entryways)
  • Give the house a decent spring clean. Make each room look shiny new.
  • Make sure the pool is spotless, and the garden is cut and very much trimmed.
  • De-clutter the property and make it look perfect and clean.
  • Ensure the house is splendid and light.

Ensure you have all documentation including bank papers if there is a loan. On the off chance that the property have been for lease have your books prepared to show future investors.

Might I list my property value higher and drop the cost later?

By valuing precisely from day one you guarantee to snatch purchasers who are actively looking. On the off chance that your price is too high you may frighten these hot-purchasers and pass up an opportunity for a decent offer. Ensure you have done your examination and the property is very much valued in context to the market. You can simply drop or raise the cost on the off chance that you truly feel it is essential.

How might I help my home sell quicker?

Making sure you value right and partner with the right agents who can successfully showcase your property is critical to selling quickly. Been interested in offers likewise helps, as individuals are continually searching for what they call a “decent offer.” Ensuring the property is constantly accessible for viewing and in a remarkable condition when individuals come to see.

Do I need to sell only with you?

No we don’t request for that.

What documents do I require sell the property?

You will require all duplicates of house book, buy and sell documents, title deeds, building perform, outstanding finance and visas of the owner(s). If you are purchasing with an organization you will need all information identified with your organization including the duplicates of organization registration, shareholders IDs and formation documents. We firmly counsel checking with a lawyer to see the correct documentation you are required to have to sell the property.

Is it simple to remove my cash from Thailand?

Provided you can show how the cash came in, you can take it out. In different conditions, you ought to talk to your bank manager and your legal advisor for the best strong answers.

Do I require a legal advisor for the business procedure?

We unequivocally advice utilizing a trustworthy legal advisor to guarantee everything is done viably and effectively all through the selling procedure.

What charges are included?

Charges are typically divided amongst purchaser and seller.

Do I have to get a visa before coming to Phuket, Thailand?

Thailand visa policy is exceptionally relaxed visa and offers most nations a 30 day visit visa on landing for free. They do likewise offer the capacity to get a 60 days holiday visa in the event that you go to your nearby Thai consulate in your nation and pay a little fee. This can likewise be stretched out for an additional 30 days at the local immigration offices in Thailand. On the other hand, you can also leave the nation toward the finish of your 30 days visit visa and fly back in to get 30 days additionally visit visa on arrival.

For more information ensure to check with local Thai embassy before landing as rules and regulations can change frequently.

Types of visas in Thailand

The concept of “Non-Immigrant Visa Investment” is not new in Thailand. After the 1997 crisis, to support developers and help them get rid of their unsold stock, an investor visa with a minimum of 3,000,000 THB (about 73,000 euros) was established to attract foreign investors. Since October 2006, the Thai economy has been restored, the visa had been removed (excepted for the renewal of visas issued before that date).
Recently, in response to the global economic situation, Thailand is about to reintroduce the visa for investors with a difference: the minimum investment amount has been increased to 10 million THB (from 200,000 to 250,000 euros according on the exchange rate euro / bath).

The Tourist visa: 30 days, extendable to 30 days
Most travelers and tourists visiting Thailand simply arrive with their valid passport (minimum 6 months from the date of arrival) they then get a simple stamp which entitles them to a 30 days tourist visa.
Since August 29, 2014, it is now possible to extend on-site 30-day visa exemption by visiting an immigration center Chaeng Wattana (cost 1900 baht ).

The Tourist visa: 60 days, extendable to 30 days
The latter is a real visa, therefore it must be requested in your residence place (or outside Thailand) BEFORE your departure. A tourist visa can be applied in any embassy or consulate outside of Thailand.
Lasting up to 60 days, it can be then extended to 30 days at an immigration office in Thailand. The maximum duration of a tourist visa is a total of 90 days.
The extension of a tourist visa over the 60 days is possible on site and costs 1900 baht, an application form is available at the immigration office and a photo ID must be provided with the application.

A visa is granted to foreigners who stay in the Kingdom for their retirement. Such permission is granted for a renewable period of one year, the candidate should provide
– / a “O” non-immigrant visa,
– / being aged of 50 years or more ,
– / having evidence of a 65,000 Baht per month (1600 euros) pension or more, or a sum of at least 800,000 baht (20 000 euros )deposited in an account in any Thai bank,
3 months prior to the date of submission of the visa application. For the first Retired visa renewal , this sum must be the minimum balance of the bank account at least for the 60 days before the date of submission of the application renewal of the visa.

Could you help us book airport pick-up and drop off?

There is a dependable taxi service that is accessible outside the airport. They have fixed rates so you should reach an agreement with them before hopping into a taxi. On the other hand, we can cheerfully arrange a taxi for you at a reasonable cost.