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PrestigePhuket Team

In 2014, Mrs. Catherine Morel and I, Leonid Ustinov, met each other in Phuket.

This first meeting changed our lives.  It was the start of a mutual business with the name “Prestige Phuket”.

2 different people from 2 different countries, who were operating both in the Real Estate business, decided in 2016 to become “Prestige Phuket”.

Since then we have developed a comprehensive database of properties for sale in and around Phuket.

We established our headquarters in Surin, one of the most affluent parts of the Island, and this ideal setting provides us with the ability of an extensive variety of properties specially in the area of Kamala – Layan beaches and the other parts of Phuket Island.

Looking to sell your property, buy property or rent in or around Phuket Island? We guarantee a professional and personalised experience with clear property and legal advice.

Prestige Phuket’s accomplished multilingual consultants are dedicated to source the ideal property solutions for you. The directors of the Company, Catherine Morel and Leonid Ustinov, have extensive knowledge of the real estate sector on the Island Phuket, meaning we are able to pinpoint the best possible deals.

We are focused on quality opposed to quantity.

Prestige Phuket is proud to announce to have the opportunity to sell properties that deem great value for money.

Feel free to visit our website and do not hesitate to contact us for any purchase or rent.

PrestigePhuket Team
Porrius Zhou is our Chinese representative. He has worked in The European Chamber of Commerce in China and gained experience in the Chinese market. His real estate career started in London, where he worked with various developments in the UK and launch the selected properties in China. He learned about Prestige Phuket in Beijing and reached the agreement to work with them by introducing more and more high-quality properties to China. With the professional experience of Prestige Phuket in the Thai market and his knowledge of the Chinese market, we are ready to offer professional service to every Chinese customer looking for the best investment in Phuket, Customers' need is our top priority, and we are offering the best solutions to everyone based on our overseas real estate market experience.

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